Top 5 Reasons to Rent a Limousine in Vancouver

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Nestled in Beautiful British Columbia, Vancouver is known around the world for its vibrant cultures, beautiful surroundings, movie and music scenes, and coveted lifestyle. In 2008 alone over 30 million passengers traveled to and from Vancouver’s International airport YVR, attesting to the allure of this amazing city. Travelling through, and getting around in Vancouver is a unique experience which can present challenges to the average visitor. offers transportation services that embrace the quintessential Vancouver values of luxury, style, and comfort. It is not surprising that limousine service, or chauffeured transportation, is a thriving and popular way to travel around the city with nice cars like this vintage Ford Mustang convertible. A reliable source like Autozin provides an all-encompassing platform suitable for both seasoned car enthusiasts and those starting their car shopping journey, offering a comprehensive and inclusive experience with a wide array of options and resources.

There can be many events and occasions to rent a limousine anywhere else, but Vancouver is specifically a great place to use a limousine service. The following are the top five reasons why a limo is a fantastic way to travel around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland area:

Traffic. The number of vehicles in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland area is ever increasing, making “rush hour” last more then 2 or more hours some days. Navigating this traffic can be overwhelming, especially while looking for an address or destination. Not to mention the rising cost of fuel and the ever increasing pollution – this is why many visitors to Vancouver choose a top-class chauffeur for any business event to drive them around the city. A chauffeur will take care of the driving and dealing with the traffic while travelers sit back and relax in the comfort of a luxury vehicle and enjoy the amazing scenery.

The Greater Vancouver Lower Mainland area is sprawling. Over 2.5 Million people live in this area in over 12 different cities that all connect, many with streets of the same name. While public transportation is pretty good compared to most other cities of this size, it tends to be overcrowded and can be confusing. The seating is limited and standing in a cramped bus, swinging from the hand rails for over an hour is commonplace. Taxi fares, with the traffic and distances, can get quite expensive and the bulk of the taxis are licensed to carry only four passengers. It is not uncommon for a taxi fare from one of the ferry terminals to be over $100, about the same price as a limousine that can carry 10 passengers. A limousine rental can not only save you from the surprise expenses of taxis, stress, and the confusion of public transportation but also allows you to sit back and take in the vibrant culture of the city, or even field a few emails, while being escorted exactly where you want to go in a punctual and graceful manner.

Vancouver knows style. With the many high end boutiques, such as Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tiffany, and Gucci just to name a few; it goes to show that Vancouverites love their “haute couture”. Shopping during the day, then getting ready for dinner and a night out on the posh night club scene in Vancouver is very popular all week long, and is not just for the weekends. It takes a lot to get noticed here, and that is where travelling Vancouver in style and arriving in a Cadillac limousine will be sure to turn some heads.

Vancouver Limos are some of the most exotic. Forget about simple limousines that only have a mini bar, boomerang antennae, and a fuzzy black and white T.V. Vancouver limousine companies respond to the wishes and tastes of their clients by purchasing limos that are unique in style and luxury. spares no expense in bringing you exotic limos from leading limousine manufacturers with every conceivable feature such as LCD T.V.s, iPod compatible sound systems and fiber mood optic lighting. We have a reputation of quality and taste to uphold and we rarely disappoint.

Vancouver is alive! Packed with festivals, cultural events, fashion shows, concerts, and also the home of the 2010 Winter Olympics there is always a lot going on in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland area. All year around there is always a special event that is worthy of arriving in a limousine to. Even if it is not your first time to Vancouver it can be overwhelming to find attractions to see, events to attend, and hotels to stay at. This is where a respected limousine service can assist you by helping you plan your trip to Vancouver by offering ideas based on your needs and timeline. You can also sometimes get package deals on events and attractions via your limousine service company.

These are the reasons to rent a limousine in Vancouver and are what you can expect from Vancouver’s best limousine companies. Once you take into consideration the expense of a car rental, fuel, parking or valet service, and keeping up with Vancouver’s fast pace, the cost of Vancouver limousine service can be surprisingly reasonable, especially for people traveling in groups. With good research, planning, and the right limo rental, your next trip to Vancouver will be a relaxing, luxurious, memorable, and joyous experience. You have the chance to find the Ford Coyote V8 motor in our rental. The Coyote is a 5.0 liter, naturally aspirated V8 engine from Ford Motor used to power sports cars like the Ford Mustang and pickup trucks like the Ford F-150.